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15 Minute Update

15 minutes. That is what I have today. The last post, so long ago, was on Healthcare in Singapore and the use of the Marilyn Monroe pose to educate the women of Singapore on the importance of annual check-ups. Since then, things have been so increasingly, and annoyingly,  busy that finding time to sit and write has been near impossible. Yet for many months, I have wanted to provide the updates, the new photos, the experiences near and afar. In this brief summary, let me give you some of the highlights I hope to add over the next few weeks. When we first moved to Singapore, I was the Tai Tai for a few months until I was asked to contract for one of my old employers. That worked out well for a year then last August, about when I stopped the updates, I took a job with a local healthcare software company running presales teams around the world. Still a very small company but having teams in Singapore, India, and the US for all those regions has meant some very interesting travel. In … [Read More...]

Singapore Healthcare and Marilyn Monroe

Let me start by saying this is not actually an explanation of the Singapore healthcare system. You can find tons of information online at the Ministry of Health (MOH) (  or a number of other locations. This is a few of my thoughts and observations that I find interesting about Singapore healthcare in general. It’s important and cost less here than in the U.S. If you do not know, healthcare in the US is almost 19% of the country’s GDP therefore it is a huge burden and it is not changing soon. Singapore healthcare costs significantly less and is about 4% of the GDP here. We use an expatriate physician from the U.S. East Coast but he has been here for well over a decade (maybe two) and is settled in.  There is a difference between Western and Eastern medicine and how you can talk to your doctor, therefore we (me!) chose Western. It is much easier to see a physician here. I have made new consult appointments in as … [Read More...]

Our Culinary Adventure in Tokyo, Japan – Part II

I am sure I left off with something about food. That did seem to be our focus on this trip. The next day involved more hunting for food and finding a few places by accident. We decided to head towards the Roppongi district with the intent of going up to the top of one of the tallest buildings in Tokyo at Mori Tower ( for the Tokyo City View. On the way, we passed the U.S. Embassy, compared to all the other ones we passed they take their security very seriously, and walked through a deserted office building where we stumbled upon a Katsu place. We love this type of breaded dish, especially if it includes Japanese curry, and this was a good place to store up extra carbs. It wasn’t the best but it was quiet and a good price. Plus it was one of the few places with a window display of fake food that always helps ordering when the menus are in Japanese! I think its great someone made a whole business out of all the different kind of fake food … [Read More...]

Rants of the week (maybe even twice a week!)

Singapore Taxis – Rented or Owned?

I am far behind where I should be on my updates. There is so much to do and I hate when work gets in the way. I am pretty sure I have not yet covered the trips to Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Phuket! Yes, I have some stories to tell. No, I will never divulge them all here. On an anonymous site … [More Rant...]

Kelvin and the Elevators

It has now been seven months since our move to Singapore. I’d say we have finally settled in. I judge this by the fact the majority of restaurants where we eat are within a 5-minute walk of our apartment. Thousands upon thousands of good restaurants are spread across this city-state. We hear about … [More Rant...]

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