Singapore Food Adventure

Welcome to my personal tracking page of where we eat! Even I can’t keep track in a country where everyone eats out and no one cooks! yes, there are exceptions but I need a way to track some of our favorites, just okay, don’t ever go again experiences. Some will have an occasional review attached and some are just for me to write down I’ve been there. In the case of our favorite, I might update how many times!

Western Food

  • The Cut by Wolfgang Puck, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands – 13, typical $250 for 2 with drinks, steak, sides. 
  • Brotzeit, Vivo City -3. German fare, sausages and beer. Good food, prices aren;t bad. 2 people $80 with beer.

Cool Bars

  • Jigger & Pony, 101 Amoy Street. We found this completely by accident walking the area. Very cool feel inside – few booths, dark woods, large bar. Sat at the bar and talked to the bartender the entire 90 minutes there. No full meals but they have meat and cheese platters, a few other things. 

Local Specialties

  • Boon Tong Kee – Chicken Rice -3. There are 2 outlets, the one at 425 River Valley Road is smaller and gets crowded after 6:30 PM. For 4 with beer about $150. The other outlet is 401 Ballestier Road and is much bigger 2-story location.  

Standard Asian Fare

  • Din Tai Fung (Taiwanese), Marina Bay Link Mall – 15, typical $40-40 for two
  • Satay night @ La Pau Sat Hawker Center – 2, $30 for two, $12-15 for pitcher of Tiger. Just okay. Eat booth seems to do a little better at their version, i.e. some have better chicken or prawns than others.


  • Sabota (Japanese Katsu), in Parco @Millenia Walk Mall -6, one of our favorites for pork katsu (sometimes with curry), $25 each set meals with all you can eats cabbage, soup, and rice.
  • Ichiban Boshi (Large variety) in Marina Bay Link Mall – 10, good selection of food, decent sushi, moderately pricey for the amount of food, about $70 for two.


  • Fullerton Hotel – 1
  • Ritz Carlton Hotel – 1

Easy Breakfast

  • Basil Leaf, Marina Bay Link Mall – 20, $5 egg muffin and coffee, $7 omelet or large breakfast
  • Toast Box, Marina Bay Link Mall – 12, $4-6 Kaya Toast, Egg, and Kopi; Chicken Curry (one of my favorites)

Daily Food

  • Health Food Station (HFS), The Sail ground floor – 20, $8-10 salads, typically Mexican Chicken, dressing on side. 
  • Italian,The Sail ground floor – 20, expensive but easy and close, great desserts!
  • Foodology, MBFC Tower 3 – 2, different counters offer pasta, grill, salads, asian fare. Great beer and wine selection. Friday nights are very crowded with the after work happy-hour crowd.


  • 12 Cupcake (Millenia Walk Mall) – there are a few outlets. Good cupcakes, 3 for $9.00 is typical