Venturing to Little India

On Sunday night, we went for some great food in Little India and you can see some of it on the post under Food & Drink. This post is more about the walk through Little India and some of the cultural differences here. Little India, once our cab got us to the right place, was packed with people on all the road sides and the parks in the area. There were thousands of people bustling about, walking to a fro, and I am not really sure where they were all headed! Most of the Indians here are the blue collar workers from what I have seen as we wander around. This Country and especially the central part of the city where we live is constantly under construction! There are literally 4 high-rises, some offices and some residential, being built within 2 blocks of where we live. As you venture forth, you’ll see tens and tens of buildings under construction. I saw a small trailer selling condos for a building that hasn’t even broken ground!

But what I really notice is the construction workers appear northern Indian. The same group that is crowding around Little India on a Sunday night before the work week starts on Monday. Actually, construction here is 7 days per week but luckily not 24 hours per day. Each day you’ll see small trucks with open backs ferrying the workers back and forth. You’ll also see a large number of scooters or motorbikes by each site as this is an easy way to get around. One nice thing to see at each site is the amount of signs promoting safety in a number of languages and you don’t hear about too many accidents considering the amount of work. We believe most come in with special short term visas meant to encourage low-cost immigrant labor. It is a necessary thing for a country 3x as big as Washington DC but building like crazy!