The Rotisserie @ MBFC Tower 3

(Update 20/11/12) – I knew the price had changed and here it is in my blog! The price for the family meal is now $28.00. It increased by $3 in the last few weeks. I know because we now buy this meal 2x per week. Since I work at home, it gives me some healthy leftovers (related of course to our Gym posting for Pure Fitness). In LA at the large member-only warehouse club, the chickens were $7 for a whole chicken! Yet, this is still a good deal and I recommend it if you need something to take home after a long day at work.

Update (31/10/12) – I notice this blog entry comes up in quite a few searches. If you like large portions, this is the place! We have gone 5 times now, with 2 of those times being a pick-up of the S$25.00 whole-chicken meal. My only complaint on the family meal is the seemingly small portions of the side dishes. Instead of 3 salads and 3 vegetables, I now get 2 and 2. yet that still is just enough for us to split during the first sit down! At least I still get leftover chicken for lunch. When you eat there, however, the portions are big! It is very much American-sized portions which means you should be careful not to get American-sized bellies.

We have yet to try their sandwiches. I guess I should! Are they any good?

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The Rotisserie is a fairly new restaurant on the 2nd floor of tower 2 at the Marina Bay Financial Centre. They serve up 1/4 or 1/2 roasted chicken with a choice of 2 cooked veggies or 2 salads. A 1/4 with 2 sides is S$11. There are also paninis.

The chicken was good, just slightly dry which might be why they offer a large ladle of gravy! (I passed). There is a nice selection for the side salads. Mine is potato, bacon, and egg for one and quinoa red rice and lentil with spicy cauliflower for the other. I should add this is one of the biggest serving sizes i have had since coming here. Environment is nice, clean, and open.

For S$25 you can get a family pack with a whole chicken, salad combo, and mixed vegetables.

Update: (Sept 5, 2012) – recently we bought the $25 deal to have some food for the week (for me at home!) and it was very good. The chicken was perfect. I wish the sides had been bigger portions. When they say salad or mixed vegetable combo, this means 3 different single-serving sized salad choices (in one big cup) and 3 of vegetable. Looking back, I should have stuck with one vegetable (mashed potatoes!) and 1 salad.

There is also a illy coffee stand inside. Because this is the heart of the three tower complex, it can get packed during the week for lunch which id typically close to noon. Open 7a to 10p M-Sa